Job Description

Electrical engineer-chemical dynamically

-Responsible for managing a maintenance, repair.
-Implement the management, maintenance, repair of electrical systems and equipment, production lines, the system provides for the production of the plant.
-Give advice for ANCO BOD company on technical solutions and technologies related to the production system.
-Ability to handle situations, handle technical issues, equipment.
-Ability to organize implementation of improved production techniques
-Has knowledge about the field of electric systems, control cabinets, PLC system

The work will give in at the interview.

Job Requirements

-University degree or diploma in mechanical-construction
-Experience: 2 years
Forms of work
Full time fixed
Gender requirements
The number of vacancies
Other requirements
Request: when filed by mail filed full 1 record.
We just browsed the profiles that have experience and meet the above conditions.
Profile includes
ID CARD, resume, job application, relevant qualifications,
Applicant stating the work process.
Salary: 7-10 million/month.
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