Lines for waste disposal




Waste waste is the waste related to human activities, the source made up mostly from the settlement, bodies, schools, centres, services … The ability of regeneration and recycling and hazardous levels. However due to the incredibly rich and diverse characteristics and constituents should be very precise classification difficult.

Garbage, including: metal, ceramic, glass, brick, tile, stone, soil, rubber, plastics, food surplus or expired use, animal bone, bamboo, wood, paper, cloth, duck feathers, straw, animals, vegetables, … According to scientific aspects can be categorized as follows:
-Food waste: includes food scraps or overdue use, vegetables, … This waste type bearing nature susceptible to decomposition to create substances that unpleasant odor, especially in hot, humid weather. 
-Direct from the creatures waste: mainly manure, including human and animal feces.
-The garbage from the streets and packed product: somewhat mainly leaves, sticks, firewood, bark, plastic packaging box …
-Excess substances and disposing Garbage: includes the material fire, đôt the product after cooking, the combustible waste in the home, the workplace, Enterprise, …

Currently, solid waste are a source of endless material supplies for Vietnam and many countries of the world. If I know take advantage will turn into raw material, but if we don’t use it really wastes also became a problem, …
Under YUCHENG MACHINE company in the category of junk on there are many types of rubbish, we can classify, crushing to decompose the waste solid waste and odor, apply the higher is the process of making biodegradable compost, recycling construction materials ,….

Fake address obstacles that we will save 1 portion of resources due to recycling, biodegradable reduced area for the landfills and the handling of problems arising from waste is also becoming easier, bring benefits to society and the benefits for the environment.
-Waste disposal
-Disposal of solid and hazardous waste
-The 1991 classification of the substance
-Air mix and organic garbage compost
-Create the NPK fertilizer tablets
-Close the brick from solid waste
-Plastic scrap processing lines, and.
-Polypropylene belt lines, …

Spam is automatically lines up the emotions poured straight into the grinding parts and then fall to ready the cage. Then, the garbage is transferred to the automated litter parts, conveyor and then poured straight down the pits. Superior first of this line is rubbish don’t need exposure to that possible for straight into the Crusher. In one hour, the machine can handle is from 5-7 tons of rubbish, number 15/hour consumption, costs the equivalent of 15000 … 

Advisory services in designing, manufacturing and installing garbage disposal engineering company N The implementation includes the steps of:

B1: receiving the client’s request, Enterprise;

B2: choose the type of incineration lines fit the needs;

B3: layout design by installing garbage disposal;

B4: start of construction waste processing lines in production engineering company of Yucheng;

B5: installation and transfer of waste processing lines for customers, business.

Before investing the garbage processing chains should be specific advice to best meet the needs of use. All the needs related to waste processing lines, engineering company N The counseling and support are always attentive. All incineration lines to be built are the profile of design details. We are confident to bring You the customers and optimal product.

The customer, the business is required to produce installing garbage disposal should contact directly the company N The machine via telephone: 0906989478 for advice selecting lines with suitable waste disposal needs.

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