Hashing machine 5 tons



Hash machinery wood shavings used for shredding branches, tree LaTeX, paperbark. … as for chip chips for use in the paper processing industry, burned for the boiler, before crushing to pressed tablets or pressed wood stick. The wood when hashing with thickness from 3-7 mm. Save area as well as shipping.

Your wood shavings used hash technology cutting layouts on a 53-degree angle and hash min transmission at high speed. Hash knife made of steel, hardness 58HRC reached Japan’s A8. Endurance knife reached over 6 months, saving the cost of replacement of the knives as well as employees.


1 main Moter 100hp-3pha-380 v (1450 RPM)

Control equipment, electrical, switches, run two operating levels (secondhand)
On the frame of iron, steel plate machining 100% new construction in Vietnam
Dimensions: D x R x h = 2500 X 800 X 2000
900 x 100 hash knife fitting alloy wheels x 3 knife
The system automatically hashed out the size 50-100 mm
The machine weighs about 3 tons
Capacity 10-15 tonnes/h Air VIETNAM 1st December

Features of the wood shavings hash:

1/min and the shaft fastening system the knife is made with high thickness creating centrifugal speed and optimum dynamic balance to reduce the drag of the motor helps deals save power consumption significantly.

2/electric system is equipped with control devices of Japanese and two boot system helps reduce lines at startup responsibility for collapse pressure condition as well as lost.

3/body Shell is made of 10-20 mm thickness steel and motor Hotel Inglés directly on the body creates balanced heaviness should the machine runs very smoothly

4/the fastest shavings nozzle design optimization can spray straight up the car, spray spray away 30 m 12 m high and 360 degree swiveling.

The principle of operation of the wood shavings hash:

Hashing machine operating principle of wood shavings force break lucid’s hash associated with the knife that capacity depending on the number of knives will be different. air. The wood is moved by conveyor and then fall down the hopper coarse material to bungle the hash in a 45-degree angle, creating a reasonable hash to angle out to be slices of thin shavings and chips to error not bi. Once past the hash knife chip structure is hash guest propeller straight up perpendicular and put up the car or the beach.

Consulting services in the design, manufacture and installation of Air company wood hash machinery Yucheng made including the steps of:

B1: receiving the client’s request, Enterprise;

B2: choose the type of wood the hash match the needs;

B3: layout design by installing wood hash;

B4: starts manufacturing wood manufacturing yard hash Machine Company built Yucheng machine;

B5: installation and transfer Your hash to the client, wooden business.

Before investing Your wooden hash should be specific advice to best meet the needs of use. All the needs related to Your company, wood hash machinery Yucheng always attentive support and advice. All the machines have built wooden hash profile design details. We are confident to bring You the customers and optimal product.

The customer, the business is required to produce installing wooden hash should contact directly the company N The machine via telephone: 0906989478 for advice choosing Your wood hash match needs.

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Phone: 0906989478
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